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A class for finding available devices and instantiating a device class based on device information.


Important information:​

To search and create devices, the hardware must support BLE, as well as the application must have permission to use BLE and contain the NSBluetoothAlwaysUsageDescription key, while the BLE module must be enabled separately, since the SDK does not provide this functionality.




Constructor. Instantiating the Device Finder Class.

Creates an instance of the class for searching and creating devices



Description: Device type, you must specify TypeBrainbit, or TypeBrainBitBlack, or TypeBrainBitAny.

Data type: NTDevicetype

Return value.

Description: class instance NTDeviceEnumerator

Data type: NTDeviceEnumerator


Function. Adding a listener for the device list update event.

Install a listener for updating the list of found devices.



Description: method for handling the event of updating the list of found devices.

Data type: void(NTDeviceInfo)

Return value:

Description: An error flag, returns NO if an error occurs.

Data type: bool.