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Neurosdk is a powerful tool for working with neuro-sensors BrainBit, BrainBitBlack. All these devices work with BLE technology. SDK is available for the following platforms: Android (Java, Kotlin), iOS/MacOS (Objective-C, Swift), Windows (C++, C#, Python), AstraLinux (c++, python), Linux (C++), ReactNative (Android, iOS), Unity (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS), Xamarin (Android, iOS, UWP). SDK allows you to connect, read the parameters of devices, as well as receive signals of various types from the selected device.

Platform / Language Android iOS Windows MacOS UWP Linux AstraLinux
C++     +     + +
C#     +        
Java +            
Kotlin +            
Objective-C   +   +      
Python     +       +
ReactNative + +          
Swift   +   +      
Unity + + + +      
Xamarin + +     +