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Neurosdk is a powerful tool for working with neuro-sensors BrainBit, BrainBitBlack. All these devices work with BLE technology. SDK is available for the following platforms: Android (Java, Kotlin), iOS/MacOS (Objective-C, Swift), Windows (C++, C#, Python), Linux (C++), ReactNative (Android, iOS), Unity (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS), Xamarin (Android, iOS, UWP). SDK allows you to connect, read the parameters of devices, as well as receive signals of various types from the selected device.

Platform / Language Android iOS Windows MacOS UWP Linux
C++     +     +
C#     +      
Java +          
Kotlin +          
Objective-C   +   +    
Python     +      
ReactNative + +        
Swift   +   +    
Unity + + + +    
Xamarin + +     +  


Getting Started

Firstly, you need to install package.



SDK can be conditionally divided into two parts: device search (Scanner object) and the device itself (Sensor object).

The scanner allows you to find devices nearby, it is also responsible for the first creation of the device. When created, the device is automatically connected. In the future, the connection state can be controlled through the sensor object. Whatever type of device you work with, the use of the scanner will be the same.

The sensor allows you to monitor the status of the device, set parameters, receive a signal.

It is recommended to work with both parts in a separate thread. During the connection, the SDK also reads the main characteristics of the device, which significantly increases the time of the connection method, which will cause the application to freeze.

If an error occurs while working with the library, you will receive an exception for any of the methods.


You can find SDK samples on the Links page.