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Issue tracker link:

We also have a chat on Gitter.


Development requirements

Software: Android Studio 2.3.3 or higher, Download link


SDK Install

Used the standard Android project dependency loading mechanism of Gradle.


implementation 'com.neuromd.neurosdk:neuro-sdk:1.7.6'



Demo Application

Git :



  • Create android project with Android Studio:

Create project


  • Choose your project - "Emtpty Activity" (for example):

Choose template

  • Configure your project and select API 18 or higher:

Configure your project

  • Open "build.gradle" your app module in "Gradle Scripts":

build.gradle file

  • Added dependency fore core functionality (required):

Core functionality dependency

  • Added dependency fore extended functionality (optional):

Extended functionality dependency

  • Build your project. Dependencies will loaded automatically:

Start buildSuccessful build