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The Android version is designed for APIs >= 21.

Neurosdk for android is distributed using JitPack as an aar library. Here is an example of adding SDK to an AndroidStudio project using gradle:

Add to `build.gradle` of project:

allprojects {
repositories {
maven { url '' }


And to `build.gradle` of app:

dependencies {
implementation 'com.github.BrainbitLLC:neurosdk2:version'


SDK uses a runtime permission to Bluetooth and Location, so you need to ask user about it. For this action SDK contains helper classes:

import com.neurosdk2.helpers.PermissionHelper;
import com.neurosdk2.helpers.interfaces.IPermissionListener;
PermissionHelper.RequestPermissions(ctx, (grantedPermissions, deniedPermissions, deniedPermanentlyPermissions) -> {