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Samples - GitLab

Latest version: `1.0.19`

The iOS version is designed for OS >= 12.0.

By Pods:

Add to Podspec file:

pod 'neurosdk2', '1.0.19'


And run `pod install` command.


You can install framework manually:

1. download `neurosdk2.xcframework` from [GitHub]
2. add `neurosdk2.xcframework` to `Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content` section of your project
3. set `Embedded` to `Embed & Sign`

Then you need to add a key to `Info.plist` because it uses Bluetooth:

<string>Explanation to using bluetooth</string>


Import library:

import neurosdk2
#import <neurosdk2/neurosdk.h>







For XCode 15.xx you need to turn off the sandboxing.