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The latest version is `1.0.7`.

Python package available only for Windows

By pip:

pip install pyneurosdk2



The package has the following structure:
- neurosdk - the main package with the implementation of methods
- sample - is a part of neurosdk package, file ``
- libs - also into neurosdk package, contain .dll library files


The library provides three main modules:

- scanner - to search for devices

from neurosdk.scanner import Scanner


- sensor - common methods of interaction with the device

from neurosdk.sensor import Sensor


- BrainBitSensor - methods of interaction with BrainBit device

from neurosdk.brainbit_sensor import BrainBitSensor


- types - implementation of all types of the library, you can either connect everything or only those necessary for a specific task

from neurosdk.cmn_types import *