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Getting started

The principle of SDK operation with devices can be divided into several following steps:

1. First you need to install SDK for the required platform.

2. Then find the required device.
3. After that connect to the required device.
4. Optionally, check the quality of the electrodes' fit to the skin.
5. Receive signal data from the connected device.
6. Optionally - process the signal with one of the libraries. Our libraries allow you to get:
- signal spectrum,
- emotional state of the person - degree of relaxation/concentration.
- or simply remove unnecessary frequencies or noise in the signal with the help of filters.
7. Finish work with the device.

It is recommended to work with device and scanner in a separate thread. During the connection, the SDK also reads the main characteristics of the device, which significantly increases the time of the connection method, which will cause the application to freeze.

If an error occurs while working with the library, you will receive an exception for any of the methods.