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This page contains information about SDK binaries for Windows and for C/C++ Android development on Windows.


If you found some erroneous information on this or any other page or you have any questions about the device or SDK, don't hesitate to ask your questions via e-mail or file a bug on our public issue tracker.


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Demo app:

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SDK package

ZIP archive with all necessary binaries could be downloaded using the following link:


Hash sums of the archive file:

CRC32: E032AB31

MD5: F300621F95864CCFC4F01A0D9F332CE5

SHA1: 8AE3868F3606C22ACF38463C85CA9B4E8E0443D6



Package structure

Content of the package:


SDK archive for Windows contains 3 directories:

  • android - contains SO libraries for Android development using C or C++ programming languages and JAR files required by them. Libraries are available for armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a architectures. These libraries are also convenient for Android development on Linux-based operating systems.
  • windows - contains native DLL libraries exporting C11-compatible functions. These libraries are available for x86 and x86_64 architectures in Release and Debug (with .pdb debug information) variants. You could use both explicit and implicit DLL linkage, for implicit linking corresponding LIB files are available. For more information visit C/C++ quick start guide for windows.
  • include - contains C/C++ header files that describe exported functions in the libraries from windows and android directories. You could use them for development for Windows and Android operating systems.