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The Brainbit device is designed for use with Life/Health Tracking software on mobile and desktop computers. BrainBit provides real-time monitoring and recording of electrical biosignals produced by the brain, by eye movements and by mastication muscles. The device is accompanied by its own software development kit (SDK). The SDK is intended for software developers on Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. These development tools facilitate easy creation of apps for:

  • Mental concentration;
  • Relaxation and meditation;
  • Sleep;
  • Vehicle operator safety monitoring;
  • BCI (brain-computer interface);
  • Neuromarketing;
  • Sports/athletics;
  • And more.

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Characteristic Value
Connectivity with mobile device or PC Bluetooth LE 4.0
Range of measured voltages (limits) ± 0.4 V
Battery voltage for enabling power saver mode 3.5 V ± 0.15 V
Amperage of battery charge 100 mA ± 10%
Battery charge time up to 4 hours
Duration of device operation on battery up to 10 hours

The battery charger with USB cable plugs into any power source port compatible with USB version 1.1 or later.


List of components

Name of Component Quantity
1 BrainBit headband 1
2 Textile band with clasp 1
3 Battery 1
4 Battery Charger 1
5 USB cable* 1
6 Foam pads 4
7 User guide 1
  • Utilizes microUSB cable of no more than 500mm

External appearance of device and accessories

 BrainBit is shipped with the battery removed!

BrainBit does not have on/off switches. When the battery is installed, the device is constantly in standby mode (for up to one month).

The battery must be removed during long-term storage of the device!

BrainBit View

BrainBit Operating Modes and LED Indicator

1. Standby Mode: Battery is installed, connection established with mobile phone or computer. Upon battery installation, the LED is lit for 2 seconds, then blinks once every 2 seconds.

2. Connectivity Mode: Connection established with mobile phone or computer. LED constantly lit.

3. Measurement mode. BrainBit registers the signal. The LED flashes once every 2 seconds.

4. Power Saver Mode: BrainBit enters this mode upon low battery charge. LED is dark.